Close deals faster with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

As your business grows and client base expands, deep connections that kick start a business are difficult to maintain. Today customer experience is the frontline of any business. Enterprises are trying to smooth their business operations by enhancing their business workflow with their existing IT ecosystem. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an invaluable tool that will simplify the management of your business.Businesses face a smorgasbord of sales challenges.

DynamicsStars Overview

CRM has become an essential part of growing a sales organization.According to a report from Salesforce,implementing a right CRM can improve your sales efficiency by 30%. This allows sales teams to close more deals, increase sales and improve forecast accuracy. Microsoft Dynamics 365is a cloud enabled product offering that includes ERP and CRM systems empowering every person within every organization to achieve more.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales drives your front-line sales team to go beyond just sales automation by bringing digital intelligence to predict your customer’s needs. Sales reps can easily derive meaningful intelligence data from complex customer data that are easy to understandand take actionable decisions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows thesales representative to identify, engage and connect with customers through social networks. This allows them to engage through sharing of personalized and relevant content. This leads to a unified sales experience around relationships, building trust with continuous insights.
Sales representatives should spend more time selling and less time on administration. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives your business exactly what you need. With this comprehensive solution, businesses can increase revenue, boost productivity, gain key insights, with reduced operational costs. Sales processes can be automatedthrough a highly intuitive interface and Microsoft Office-embedded capabilities. Sales reps can have the leisure of working from anywhere, anytime with crucial customer and sales data in user-friendly mobile apps that offer task flows, contextual news and social data.
The new dashboard experience with all key metrics can create a sales culture that nurtures success. Businesses can accelerate sales performance with real-time analytics and achieve set goals with feedback and coaching in real-time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a 360° tailored solution for your unique business requirements.