Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project service automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for project service automation is an efficient service that provides an end to end connection between the sales and the delivery teams to make optimized delivery on time with the least cost and budget. It saves time, maintains a smooth coordination for efficient deliveries and for performing the task in the minimal budget. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for project service automation comes with a package of useful services.

DynamicsStars Overview

Some of the features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for project service automation are:

  • Estimating, quoting, and contract work management
  • Planning and assigning resources
  • Enabling team collaboration
  • Capturing the time, expense, data progress for accurate billing
  • Project billing
  • Project based contracts
  • Project planning

The resource management includes the skills and professionalism for your quality workspace. It allows you to filter your resources as per the requirements and the skills and availability. Team members can use the mobile and web service to keep a record or the time and expense of the whole marketing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the usability of project billing, which is a systematic process for recording all the resources and billing them. The estimating and quoting function of the package gives you the idea of the process so that planning can be done accordingly.

Why Dynamics Stars?

Dynamics Stars has an expert team partnered with Microsoft Dynamics 365, to give you the best service for the exponential growth of your business. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the whole process of marketing and deal with your customers so that your customers are always satisfied and trusts you in every step. Having the experience and trust of thousands of clients, Dynamics Stars stands as one of the best of its kind.