ITEX Piping products, LLC


  • Required to track document with single code of deal done.
  • Provide one stop solution for sending reports to vendors for Vendor Managed Inventory.
  • Provide KPI to individual manager to improve their decision making.
  • Implementation time should not be edges in consideration of ERP Package
  • Financial statements from ERP system for banks
  • Data migration from old system
  • Mill-test report access to customers after shipments from website.
  • Customer should access their orders, shipment and invoices from website


  • Solution benefit them to searching and tracing of document with single track of the code.
  • Business intelligence package saves their time as it’s add-on package in Excel Itself.
  • Individual role center gives head start to start a day with activities and end with completion of those activities.
  • Financial statement from ERP for banks and internal purpose on single clicks
  • Datamigration from sql tables to Dynamics nav.
  • Customer portal for customers to access invoices, shipment and MTR reports.


  • Inventory control and visibility increased
  • Shipment Tracking time were decreased by 50-60% to support customer queries
  • Payments synchronization with accounting package reduce 30% of accounting staff time.
  • Financial statement saves time to process and email timely basis.
  • Data migration gives historical data insight to have control over expenses and increase margin
  • Customer portal increase transparency of statement, MTR and outstanding sales orders.