Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions offer complete distribution management through its major features like inventory management, warehouse management, purchasing and procurement inventory, forecasting and replenishment.

DynamicsStars Overview

When a company is growing business along with unique business challenges, the competitive advantage is largely due to specialised operations as such, but companies haven't been able to find a financial,supply chain management system that will address the issues. For expanding into new countries with different currencies and language requirements, our clients need easier access to all business data in order towin in these new markets.
Our Microsoft Dynamics DAV solution provides the distributor to manageall aspects of business, from employees and resources to inventory and shipping which helps to make sound decisions in increasing growth and revenue.Dynamics Starshas the expertise and dedication for implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Distribution Process Companies.

Key Features

  • Fetch solution in various aspects such as inventory, delivery time, product cost
  • Easy to use with auser interface similar to other Microsoft products
  • Increase profitability with accurate Forecasting and Procurement
  • Easily customise access rightson role-specific items
  • Tracks insights from Purchasing and Inventory
  • Optimization of warehouse space, streamlining operations and increasing productivity

Our solutions are designed to meet user needs efficiently and accurately. With our experience in scaling businesses to new heights, we deliver solutions to matters which are of utmost importance. Our solutions are easy to use, customizable as well as optimised.


  • Financial Management & Accounting
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Operations Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Sales & Service
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

We cover end-to-end of businesses, starting from inventory management to forecasting and replenishment. Our solutions are adapted to specialised industries, which makes it a unique service. Our solutions are customised and designed according to your needs and we tailor our products as per your requests.