• Vendor managed inventory by sending alerts to vendors for fulfillment of stock in warehouse
  • Subcontracting process integrating manufacturing and supply chain management
  • Auto bank receipt and application to invoices using batch process
  • Management information reports, alerts using BI tool
  • Packing the goods, sending through transport agent and track the goods till delivery.
  • Manufacturing cost distribution to products and preparing report on accurate COGS.


  • Implementation of MyReport BI tool Messenger, which reads the stock level and send auto alerts to vendors.
  • Support provided to implement Dynamics NAV NA Subcontracting process integrate with Manufacturing management to send and receive the goods.
  • Credit card transaction with receipt of payment in batch and applied against invoices apply to oldest method.
  • Support provided for automating transaction from packing to dispatch.
  • Manufacturing cost distribution to product manufactured as on the day.


  • Implementation of MyReport BI Tool automation to generate alerts to fulfill raw material before reaching to re-order levels.
  • Subcontracting integration make production route visible towards giving accurate delivery dates to customer and improve transparency.
  • Automating credit card transaction against invoice makes receivable flow in control.
  • QuickTrace add-on provides search of any supplier or customers data easy and on finger tips to save lots of time.